Congrats to Vince Lucero!

I just wanted to say congratulations to Vince Lucero and his new wife Trinia on their marriage this past Saturday. I wasn't able to make it to Eloy for the big day, but I appreciate the invite nonetheless.

Big Vince most recently fought Justin Eilers in Superbrawl, and is scheduled to fight Robert Beraum on May 28th at Evolution Combat in Phoenix. Hopefully the married life won't soften him :)

Congrats again big man!

thanks cube, the beer and food made me softer,but i'll shake it off. cant wait for the show. missed a hell of a party 2 kegs were gone by 8 pm... and to start it off right $100.00 of my purse will go to the comedian who lost her arm, hopefully that will get the donations going for her..

Congrats Vince, I'm looking forward to seeing you and Robert meet again. I know he is better than the last time you fought him but he is still aware that any punch from Vince Lucero can end a fight. Should be a hell of a show!!


TTT for the newlyweds!

Vince will also be facing Texas Thugjitsu tough guy "Big" John Ivey at "Hitman in Havasu" May 1st.

Train hard buddy,


ttt for Vince Lucero vs Jonathan Ivey in the XCF! My money's on Lucero...

Good thread, Lewis.

Congrats, biggun

thanks chuck, i hope to have a very good next couple of months, me and ivey should be a blast..

Congrats Vince, good luck in your upcoming fights..

congrats Vince!

Congrats Vince, good luck!!