Congratulations Ben Saunders

 Congratulations to Ben Saunders with his win over Luis Santos moving him to Bellators welterweight finale.

War Killa B!

 Did he open with the flip kick?

TTT for Killa B Phone Post

@ ghost im curious to


Saunders vs Lima is going to be awesome. Phone Post

Woot gratz Phone Post

great work tonight Ben. Had no idea you had so many tools on the ground

 Killa bee getting it done!


Wow! That was impressive! Well done Ben! Phone Post

did he hit the flip kick?

Spectacular performance, that was a masterpiece Phone Post


 Ben's the man.

Thanks guys! Hard work pays off! =)

bugbjj - did he hit the flip kick?

Tha Flash Kick was not earned... I did not meet my mark of 10,000 twitter followers... so out of spite i proceeded to make it a ground affair to teach all who don't support me a lesson... Muahahaha....

P.S. Not really out of spite... it just sounded good... lol