I have an idea - I admit it would be tought to pull off but lets get all the people who have a problem with each other and get a site and have a huge fight card, letting the members of the UG match up the fighters!!! anyone interested?-

and props to Royce IMO I'm very glad he won( accordking to the accounts of the fight i read on the ug)

Congrats on a fabulous draw!!

FACT: The official result on record for this fight is a DRAW!

FACT: Royce beat the shit out of Yoshida and schooled him in the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu!

Holy crap. How old are you Steamfitter and Cycklops.

Way to argue a point.

props fot the beatdown... no matter what it says on paper.

TTt for the Brazilian ball destroyer

I think this fight meant something different for Royce this time... It seems this was personal... I haven't seen the fight but if the groin kick was intentional then it proves it was personal. IMO Yoshida deserved that kick for his poor sportsmanship in their first fight.
Royce may not have taken the gi off if this wasn't such a personal issue for him.

Either way... it looks like Royce redeemed himself even though it was a draw. And it was a draw... but it seems it was only a draw because of the rules.

one punch doesn't equal domination

Any person with half a brain can watch Shammy/Royce and Yoshida/Royce and see the freaking difference dipshits. By Pride Rules Royce won both fights. At the time Shammy fought, just surviving was considered a moral victory but if fight totally defensively just trying to survive, that is pretty weak and I don't even think Shamrock would deny that...

The jealousy of the Gracie family is soo sad to watch. What pitiful lives people who have to come to internet forums to call themselves King and LobothaGOD must live.....

True that. People around here are so jealous of the Gracies and people who train under them. Get off the Yocheata bandwagon and admit he got his ass handed to him, draw or no draw.