Congratulations to BLACKMARKNYC

Congrats Mark I hope you guys have a great life together

It must be true love she married you even after seeing this pins you call legs

And he wore a skirt to his wedding :)

don't be jealous guys. not everyone can rock a kilt.

That's my point some people shouldn't


Congrats Mark!!!

Congrats! : )

thanks MFranco and kiknchic.

BTW Mark,

I'll be getting married again myself next year.

I'm  glutton for punishment

well I'm just assuming you're not stupid enough to marry the same type as last. so I'm going to say, don't insult a good woman that way, congratulations, and you two deserve each other.

seriously man, you earned it.


I don't hate it's just I have been having nightmares about those legs... I can't believe I didn't work them better when I had the chance