Congratulations to BLACKMARKNYC

Just wanted to let board members know that BlackMarkNYC was married this past Saturday to a wonderful woman. Hope you had a great ceremony and a life filled with health, hope, prosperity and love.


thanks guys. I really appreciate that.

Congrats! What's with the red "X"?

red "X"?

??? what red "X"?

Congrads. Both the husband and wife are very good people, and they deserve each other.


congrats to you as well Jump Kick. same goes for you. thanks.


There's a red "X" underneath your reply...

the RedX thing was underneath my post? that was Kirik. not me.

thanks Jim.

Congrats to two of the coolest people! Many years of happiness ahead!!


Congradulation !!!

congrats man!


Congrats Mark!!


thanks Steve, Chris, Wu, Yuki, bsktrap, jaipetch, & Ned. I appreciate that.

Woah! I had no idea! Congrats Mark. May your have many wonderful years together.