Congratulations to Jon Menke

I just wanted to put the word out and congratulate my friend Jonathon Menke from team Vaghi for his two back-to-back submission grappling victories over the last two weekends.

Those of you that know Jonathon already know what a great grappler he is, but last Friday in KC he submitted Travis Fulton in a submission grappling match in under a minute, and last night at Lucky's in St. Louis, he had his second victory in just over a week submitting a grappler from Kansas City (sorry, but I can't remember the name, something like Lazario? I think his nickname was "Z-man") in just over two minutes.

Look for Jon to make his MMA debut soon.

I also want to congratulate Dustin Sievers for his NHB debut victory Saturday night. Great job guys!


Good job!! How did Dustin's fight go?

congrat's John and Justin!!!

Chad Osborne
Adrenaline Extreme Combat


Thanks guys....Nenad Dustin was nervous so he didn't show any stand up just a quick takedown to a foot lock that didn't work. After a they got back up Dustin got another quick takedown then mount...a few punches then an armbar and the tap

BTW I actually saw the guy's arm snap out of was kinda cool

ttt for my own thread

ttt for MY thread. Just because it's about you Jon, doesn't mean it's your thread. lol

Seriously, I'm glad you saw it out here man. You deserve congratulations for sure. I just wish more people were reading this thread.


Congrats on your wins. Are you going to compeat at the Arnold's this year? Looks like I will be able to this year.

Tell Mike R. I said hello, and I will see you later!

Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel


Congrats Jon and Dustin,

Yeah that guy should have tapped before his elbow snapped. It was pretty bad.

Jon I think you need a little Chris-San-Do training though.

Beware the Phantom Keylock...

That's great to hear about Jon! I was looking forward to the next time I rolled him - however, now I'm not so sure. He may be too good to even bother messin' around with me...

Great job Jon - see you soon,

Bill Krieg
Team Vaghi - Appleton, WI

John Menke RULES!! It was a great day/night for Team Vaghi. :P


Yep I am going to the Arnold's. So you finally get to compete again..are they still going to have to running things???


Beware Chris San DO

I can't stress this enough he can attack with both Joo DO and Sue MOO!!

Bill looking forward to rolling with you again out I am doing very well against guys that weigh 230 (I was 207 both fights and my opponents were both 235)