Congratulations to KenFlo

Congratulations to Kenny Florian, who is now officially a contender on the UFC reality TV show (

I thought his no gi MMA/submission wrestling DVD was really good, and I look forward to seeing some of those moves in the show.

ttt for Kenny Florian. Can'it wait to see how the show turns out.

Stephan will this be showing in Canada? Details?

Thanks a lot Stephan. Your DVD kicks ass. Great moves with superb explanations and detail. I have used your moves already in training.

The show is going to be very exciting for sure. I can't wait to see it myself.

Thanks guys.

GeeRoxx - I sure think so - it's going to be on Spike TV and that gets beamed out across frozen tundra in all parts of the world...

I might even have to get cable for this

A friend of mine was also in the show, he told me he tried to train with Ken as much as possible as he learned the most from him.


Kenflo- I saw you compete in NJ a couple of years ago, and have been a fan since.

Good luck with the show! I hope it gives nice exposure to you and BJJ.

I am sssoooo looking forward to this show!

TTT for Ken Florian and Forrest Griffen!

Sweet!! Didn't realize that KenFlo was going to be in the show. That just made it all the better!!


Thanks a lot fellas!

Kenny Florian is the fucking man! Congratulations brother!
By the way his dvd is also very nice I havenĀ“t seen the new one yet but the first one is really good :-)

Tell us a little more about the show, where you on Randy or Chucks team?  Where did it take place?  Did you learn anything new.  Any drama like on The Next Top Model?  Give us the scoop man. 

I wish I could tell you guys everything. The show is going to be sick, let's put it that way. We all sign a $5 million confidentiality agreement that does not allow us to say anything about the show. Every episode will be awesome and will only get better as it goes on. I can't wait to see it myself.

Thanks guys.

Props for Ken it will be a great series. Don't miss out on his seminars and DVD's


Ken- I just hope you last for awhile on the show (of course, winning it would be the best!)

How many instructionals does KenFlo have and what is the content?

Kenny has always been jj super star!

Right now, there are two DVD instructionals available where I am teaching. I produced a no gi/MMA instructional and there is a Gi intructional put out by the Catamount BJJ DVD series.

The Gi instructional is new so I don't believe there any reviews yet.

If you search on this forum, you should be able to find a bunch of reviews on my no gi/MMA instructional.