Congratulations Vengence, ICE 27

Vengence fought a great fight.

The fight started and him and his opponent circled a bit, Vengence landed a nice overhand right that stunned the guy for a second, they traded a bit then the guy managed to take Vengence down but wasn't able to do anything before the round ended.

rnd 2 Vengence landed a vicious leg kick then his opponent hit him with a looping hammerfist punch that dropped him to his knees for a second then Vengence recovered, took the guy down, took his back and punched him in the side of the head until the ref stopped it.

Vengence wins by TKO, rnd 2.

Congratulations again man, great fight.

great fight, man congrats

anyone have all the results? i wasn't able to make it.

Congrats to Vengence!!!! Hope the overall show was a success.

Congrats Vengence!

The results aren't up on the website but I'm sure they'll update it soon, here's the link.