Congratulations Yves Edwards

Whats up everyone...

This is ShinobiApollo. As a lot of you know I lost a bet to TheRealJoker regarding the UFC 47 match between Hermes Franca and Yves Edwards. I still think Hermes won that fight, but in the end it was Yves who won that fight. Here is my new screen name for 60 days. :) It was originally scheduled for 30 days but because I'm late to change my name I decided to change it to 60.


You and I are even now (I owned TRJ in a bet regarding the Yves-Kawajiri fight) and I'm looking forward to our next bet. You are still an arrogant, annoying half-tard and revenge will be mine. :)

I want to see Hermes Franca VS Matt Serra next.
Oh, and also Yves Edwards VS Fedor. :P

Congratulations Yves!



Whats up EliteVibe? When we gonna get that damn BODY TACTIC?!?! lol.

I honestly thought Franca won that fight. He was aggressive on the feet, aggressive on the ground (went for heelhooks, armbars, omoplotas, kneebars, etc.) and had some sweet takedowns.


LOL is that the current betting stakes around here :p

Ive seen a few of ya that lost your nicks due to UFC 47

CONGRATS Yves. I needed you to win big my man. Also called it on the Radio show weeks before. I said you would win. Good job and great fight from Franca as well. Props bro.

-*Joey Oddessa


LOL @ Yves vs. Fedor.