Connection Rio

Would anyone here like to share an experience they've had using the Connection Rio travel service? Im really interested in using it. Phone Post 3.0

It's awesome, they can hook up taxi runs from the airport to the houses, which is really close to some academies, and a hectic bus journey with gorgeous scenery away from a whole bunch more.

They also regularly organise house trips to several academies, in my time their Dennis organised gracie barra, novo uniao and alliance. There are more posters who have been there more recently than I have as well. I only know of the two houses near Gordos, I think they have at least one more Phone Post 3.0

Highly recommend using them! Phone Post 3.0

I was in Brazil for a month earlier this year. My girlfriend is from Brazil, had she not been I for sure would of gone with connectionRio. That said, you can walk into any academy you want to and on your own. From my experiences there, the Brazilian guys were soo happy and welcoming. After all it's not often Americans travel there to train. And if and when you do they will accept you.

I was really nervous. I remember one poster on this site telling me" the local white belts will love my American blue belt ass". Totally not true. I was welcomed. I quickly found that the people in the gyms actually did bjj instead of just squeezing and looking for subs. I had not one person spaz out on the mat. They really play the game, it's a mentality. I will be going back 1000000 percent sure of it. Have fun, get up and go right now Phone Post 3.0

awesome thread. I was just looking at it too. Probably not until next year some time, but never too early to start planning.

Im planning for this time next year... thanks everyone. Im excited. Phone Post 3.0