Connor or Ronda?

Zuffa currently ramming both down our throats at the moment in their aggressive pursuit of our hard earned cash.

both are polarising figures due to their strong personalities and obvious talent.

question is, who do you prefer/hate more? reason I put the like or hate in the same bracket is because in terms of UFC dollars its the same thing. Kos and Bisping's accountants will vouch for this.

you have connor - a talented artists, with skills that are easy on the eye, he is a great talker and master of psychological warfare. but he is untested at the top level, has losses by sub on hia record, and is in a division of killers.

then there is Ronda - olympian, judo specialist, unblemished record where she has finished all competition and fights like a demon. but she has been shown to be obnoxious and immature, is in a very weak division, despite being ranked as top fighter p4p which may insult a lot of top fighters in other weight classes.

for me it's tough cos I love a real fighter and I think both are that. but connor is a good talker like chael, this has softened me up a bit to him... his interviews are quite funny.

ronda annoyed me on tuf and her pursuit of gina stinks! its a mismatch that contradicts a lot of her reasons for not fighting cyborg (who I suspect in the same position connor would be willing to fight).

Therefore I think I am:

starting to like connor

dislike ronda still

think both are great fighters! Phone Post 3.0

elbrian -

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Thys Phone Post 3.0

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I love both. Conor a little more Phone Post 3.0

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