Conor Huen runnin' his mouth again

Just kidding about the running his mouth part.  Here'a a new interview of Conor talking about his big fight tomorrow on ShoXC. 

Conor takes a lot of shit on here from some of you becuase of that one "promo" he cut 20months ago.  I think this interview accurately reflects his personality.

Good luck man.  It's gonna be a great fight.

Conor is cool as fuck.

That's a fact.

2nd on Conor being cool as fuck. Hope he obliterates the guy he's fighting.

Conor is way cool. Wishing him luck.

His opponent looks like he has some good stand-up.

ttt :)

ttt for the Hurricane

Yac & J's MMA & Boxing Show - Tracy Lee & Conor Heun

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Conor is gonna get his ass kicked.... by me! haha jk Good Luck Conor!!! :)

Hanging out in LA Wednesday
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Good interview. Seems a lot cooler than my first impressions of him.

Congrats Conor!

Thanks for all the support and love. you guys rule