Conor McGregor at pre-fight presser (pic)

"I like to whoop ass and look good... and I'm doing one right now."

TTThanks, Card - VTFU!

Halloway is an outstanding kickboxer, good fight.

I'm pumped about this fight. I like how his fists are clenched the whole time makes me nervous in a fun, tingle in my pants, way.

Can't wait for Saturday. 

Conor's a mad cunt!ha

WAR MCGREGOR! Phone Post 3.0

Dya like blogs?

Looks fucking huge compared to joe , maybe its because he's leaning forward ? Phone Post 3.0

Kirik -

Dya like blogs?

lol Phone Post

Holy crap at Alistair next to Shogun! Phone Post 3.0

I like this guy.

Looking forward to this fight the most.. Right behind Browne and Overeem for me.

Browne and Conor win. Phone Post

Holy shit, dude is a living Notre Dame leprechaun. Someone please shop the green and gold get up on him.

Looks like he's trying to impersonate lebron. This card is so fucking good.

Gotta support my fellow dub... but some of the funniest shit on ufc was when he spoke and the whole crowd started laughin!!! War connor Phone Post