Conor McGregor Full Career Highlights (2018)

He retired way too young.

Thank you Balls Mahoney 

BringBackGoldy -

He retired way too young.


I like your style 

Good video… shitty musicm for ME. Why can’t people realize not everyone likes THEIR style of music? Almost everyone watching will be a fan of MMA and most of Conor, but far from the majority will like this song, especially pushed down their earholes to the point it seems more featured than McGregor.


Here are Conor Mcgregors UFC highlights for 2017-2018:

That is all

More highlights 

Drama aside, Conor has had a fantastic career. Wins over Holloway, Porrier, Mendes, Aldo, Diaz, and Alvarez. That is really something.

I hope he fights MMA again.