Conor McGregor no show? UFC 202 Press conference

Still hasn't shown up.

15 mins in... still not there.

Anything mentioned why not? Phone Post 3.0

What a dingus lol Phone Post 3.0

No. Dana said he needs to start respecting people's time and that they had to start without him, only so much time in the room.

Watch Dana take out Conor and put cowboy in Phone Post 3.0

Dana is pissed. The tide is going to turn on conor if he's a little prick like this, it's already started Phone Post 3.0

Vide says presser starting shortly? Phone Post 3.0

He's there! Phone Post 3.0

Conor says fuuuuk you Dana. Kiss my ass.

I hope he doesn't turn up. What's Dana gonna do? Pull him off the card?

Hahah. You wanna hear from Conor. Watch the Mac Life. Phone Post 3.0

He is there

Said he thought it started at 130 Phone Post 3.0

He shows up and say "Forget all this time keeping crap, I'm here"


lol Diaz just stormed off

Stuff is being thrown now!

Holy shit. How crazy was that?!?!? Phone Post 3.0

Ha ha ha!! I love how Conor has Dana wrapped around his lil' finger :D Phone Post 3.0

They were chucking water bottles at the end at each other.

LOL what the fuck just happened Phone Post 3.0

Shit just popped off  

Press conference over lol