Conor McGregor out of action for a year

I wonder how many physical and sexual assaults he will commit over the next year.


It was fun while it lasted.

I think his losing streak is much more entertaining. I welcome him back just so we can watch him get his ass beat and injured more.

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Dustin will break his own leg fighting for the title, that’s just how it goes this year.


I cant think of anyone for him to fight if he comes back. He should retire, enjoy his fortune and family and work on being less of an asshole.

all of them


Well never see him again against top LW luckily.

I wouldn’t be so sure. If DP beats Charles for the title, Dana will hand Conor the rematch without shame or hesitation. It’s not like we have 2.5 rounds in the last 6 months that we could look at to deduce the outcome of a 4th fight…but this kind of thing is expected when green is god and you have one fighter thats half of the top 7 PPV buy rates in UFC history.