Conor McGregor upcoming fight guide

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He needs Ido Portal back no joke. Look how awful his movement has been in his last few fights. He also needs to leave SBG or bring in some better coaches from across the world.

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Middleweight Mcgregor in the works

Without a doubt, McGregor needs to face Jessie Moses. They’re both coming off loses to GOAT names.

I always look forward to this article being reposted.

Ah, it’s that time again. Here’s the same bullshit article that serves NO PURPOSE other than to keep McGregor’s name relevant.

His run was entertaining, his fall to be expected, here’s to hoping Lucky Charms has a job lined up for him.

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Dude, no. Conor’s early success was being ridiculously overpowered for 145. He has a literal canon at that weight and with how quick his hands were he was very very hard to deal with. At 155 he’s a hard hitter but nothing spectacular and doesn’t have the gas tank to go hard late into fights and at 170 he’s average even with the muscle he’s put on.

He should retire. There won’t be any hype for another return. People have grown tired of the bullshit he does outside of the cage. Just like Jones. Difference is that Jones is virtually guaranteed to destroy his opponents.

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Conors next fight will be against Holloway at 170

negative…he will finally take the Frankie Edgar fight…at 170

That’s a possibility.

I’d like to agree with you, I don’t see the appeal in Conor anymore. To me he’s just turned into a corny salesman. His proper 12 ads are some of the most corny advertisement I’ve ever seen. All the pictures he posts he looks like an absolute twat. I used to be a big Conor fan but that ship has long sailed for me. Yet he’s still by and large the biggest name in combat sports. He’s got 45 million followers on Instagram. Floyd mayweather who’s the second biggest name in combat sports has 27 million. To put it in perspective. Tyson Fury only has 8 million followers. Even though I hate the social media world, it is a marker of someone’s popularity. There’s nobody even close to Conor when it comes to numbers. Way more people will tune into his return than any other fight that could be put together.

Nobody outside of ufc fans ever cared about Jon Jones fighting. Conor is the only mma fighter to ever go mainstream.

While I agree about his “Instagram followers”, his peak ppv was vs Khabib. The DP fight where he broke his leg did less numbers than the one where Dustin knocked him out.
I agree he is a mainstream “celebrity”, but people won’t pay for ppv after they see a guy they wanted to see lose, finally lose. Reason people continuously paid to see Floyd fight was to see him lose. Each time they would buy in to “this could be it”…they’ve seen Conor lose already, badly. So the allure of tuning in to see something great with Conor ain’t there as much as it used to be. It’s why they are so desperate to keep Nate around until Conor returns, because the 2 of them combined just sell