Conor McGregor versus Robbie Lawler… Who wins?

I'm a child of the 80's so I am partial to what I refer to as the "Golden Age" of boxing.  Thats my own term LOL.  Hagler, Duran, Benitez, Hearns, Pryor, Leonard, Sanchez, Arguello, Camacho..........the list goes on.

Those are my favorite because I saw them when I was in High School and the most interested in Boxing.  I used to read every damn Ring Magazing, Championship Boxing, etc publication religously.  Every report that I wrote in High School where I could pick the topic was boxing related. 

Of those guys only Duran makes my Top 5 in GOAT though.


Lmao Robbie would put his lights out with whatever he touched him with. It would take less than a jab. Phone Post 3.0

Lawler would completely destroy him Phone Post 3.0

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Samoa - If Conor can't address Robbie coming forward with aggression he gets walked down and stopped. If he can rock or otherwise stun Lawler then he could work a decision. I don't think he can unhinge a forward moving Lawler from his aggression. Robbie by late 1st round stoppage. Phone Post 3.0

That's the thing. Robbie pressing forward plays right into Connors counter game perfectly. Along the line Conor's opponents wisened up and stopped pressing Conor, so Conor evolved to keep up. Conor became great at leading and also developed into an agressive offensive counter puncher who CRRATES openings, sets traps and creates/makes his countering oppurtunities...but when someone tries to walk Conor down thats giving Conor the counters on a silver platter. Thats Conor's baseline DNA. The counter. And it will always be there. When an opponent doesnt press, Conor now finds ways to trick/set up/create openings, but pressing forward against Conor makes things so much easier. Robbie IS the BEST MATCH up for Conor at 170. Conor will walk Robbie into his lefts all night and snipe Robbie coming in with lefts too. Conor absolutely has the power to make Robbie respect him. Connor just needs to watch out from that one big shot from Robbie
It's possible. We just see it happening differently. Phone Post 3.0

Nothing wrong with that. Thank you for bring civil. Glad we can even discuss. I respect your opinion:). I agree though that if robbie does land that 1 big shot then Conor is in deeep trouble ....Its just somone as slick and smart as Connor I believe fully he would know to circle away from Robbies power rear hand, to know that after he shoots the left to preemptively duck to avoid any return fire, to know when to angle out, cone in etc

What the fuck is this?  You're not name calling or insisting that I'm stupid for disagreeing with you?!  That kind of shit isn't allowed in this place!  If you don't start with the ad hominem stuff I think the Mods are going to strike down upon you with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger!

Kinda refreshing actually. 

I'm no Conor fan.  Not at all but I understand the sport enough to recognize that he is a special talent both inside and outside of the Octagon.  I saw the thread with his interview on Conan O'Brien and was thoroughly impressed with the way he handled himself and the way he presents to the non-MMA fan.  And he's young so he's only going to improve his mic skills which are already impressive.

Inside of the Octagon he think he does a ton of stuff right and does indeed have the frame and tools to move up two divisions over time. 

Only a blind fan is going to claim to not see the talent this guy has.  I just don't care for the canned presentation swagger jacking personna that he utilizes.  I couldn't stand Chael either.  I respect Chael to the point that I think he's the greatest business minded fighter in the history of the sport, but I didn't care for his act.

Both Chael and CM are good for the sport; no denying that.  They pack the arenas and blow up the PPV's.  The difference is that CM is going to win a title and will back up the act with championship gold.


Cococobana1 - Dude lawler ends his career - ends of story Phone Post 3.0
Drops mic Phone Post 3.0

:sigh: Phone Post 3.0

UncleChael - Conor has talked in the past about becoming a 3-division UFC champion, and there is no way he's making 135 so that means he will become the UFC Champion in the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight divisions.

Conor also said he was willing to take a lightweight or even welterweight fight for this card if Aldo pulled out.

So, Conor clearly has his eyes set on the next 2 higher divisions.

That said, who would win in a fight between Conor McGregor and Robbie Lawler? I think Conor could keep Lawler at distance with his strikes. And with his circling and footwork, I think he could make short work of Lawler. But, Robbie is tough so I think he would last to the 3rd or 4th round before his body just gave up. He's got so much heart, but Conor would decimate his body with strikes.

What say you, UG?
Shouldn't be compared as of yet or debated . Robbie clearly is waaaaaaaay bigger Phone Post 3.0

He would have a Russian sounding accent after... Phone Post 3.0

Conor would be wearing a wig n heels after the fight. Phone Post 3.0

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bmoney - First off, Conor's biggest advantage at 145 is his height and reach.

Lawler's two inches taller, and they have the same reach.

Plus, Lawler's probably around 20 lbs heavier than Conor, and has more power.

Lawler wins by tko. Phone Post 3.0

You clearly don't know fighting. Connors biggest advantage is his mind and his skill. Its Connor's IQ and skill that win him fights. Not only would that be a huge advantage for him going up in weight, he would also gain significant speed advantages against the bigger slower opponents. Plus not to mention, not cutting weight means he would come in way stronger/healthier/faster then we have ever seem before. People will be suprised. Conor legit has the skills to win belts in 3 divisions...and as an MMA fan I hope Conor can do it so I can say I witness history
So if two guys are equally skilled, physical attributes, such as size, would be the biggest advantage.

Thanks for taking a direct shot at me, but McGregor's overall MMA skills are no better than Edgar, Mendes, Aldo, etc.. But one clear advantage he has over pretty much everyone at 145 is his reach and size.

Yea, he might be more skilled at striking than other guys in his division, but he's also not as skilled at wrestling or BJJ. advantage he has to possibly keep the fight where he wants is due to his size, hence, what I said.

So, to my earlier point, his size won't be as an effective asset for him against higher weight classes. Even if he's slightly more skilled than Lawler, Lawler's size/power will negate that. Phone Post 3.0