Conor "says" he wants 4th fight with Poirier 🤭 but but Chandler

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: @ believing his bullshit about Chandler to hype release day for his movie. Also says he’s not in serious discussion with the UFC about an upcoming fight. Briefly addresses Chandler may be next at the end of the interview when prodded.

Over/Under on Conor ever coming back?

In more exciting UFC news…Usman’s HW brother is opening the prelims of tonight’s Fight Night were the average fighter is ranked 58th in the world.

Since he is more exciting and is kill or be killed, 7-3 HW Justin Tafa is the co-main while a couple of 125 lb women not even in the top 5 are headlining.

The modern UFC right here…


Didn’t he just say yesterday that he has a fight lined up for Summer? The coke has fried his brain so much that he can’t keep his stories straight at this point.

The same day his movie released. I don’t think he’s coming back he’s just using it stay relevant and promote himself. Dude has made like a dozen fake comeback announcements at this point.

Another top contender, campaigning for a fight with McGregor. He believes it would be a more lucrative fight than facing the current champion, Charles Oliveira.