Conor Vs Mayweather 2

Won’t happen but I think Floyd is old enough to lose a fight vs McGregor now. Would be much closer

Did you see Conor’s last two fights? He sucks. Fuck him


yeah total fucken deep bullshit. the last thing anycunt wants is to watch that hackneyed shit.

the EXACT moment when Conor’s fall from grace started was BEFORE that fight, when Conor suggested that black women love him in new york, height of cocaine madness to say that.

he did surprisingly well in the match but i suspect Floyd was carrying him. whole thing is a fuckwitted nightmare.

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Won’t do as well the second time. Conor obviously isn’t a competitive fighter anymore, but more importantly, he isn’t even funny.

He used to come off as effortlessly funny, but now he’s just embarrassing.


Why? If idiots buy this fight in large numbers then I give up on humanity . The first fight had some intrigue but a second fight at this point?! Hell no

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Yea I know but this doesn’t matter it will make money.

Btw you should have long given up on humanity lol.