conspiracy in ufc

Let's step back for a second and think abou this one.
Arlovski fights Silva for the 2nd time. UFC (on SPIKE) has been building this one up big time. The match takes place and Arlovski (a great boxer and Sambo champ) drops and covers up (his face specifically) without trying to get into the guard or any other position.

Silva wins and now we're going to see Arlovski vs. Silva 3. Have you noticed that these "rematch" fights are always built up for months in advance? Have you noticed that the revenues for the rematches are almost double or triple than the revenues for the 1st matches (just google revenues + ufc)? Have you noticed that it's the "story line and character development that is fuelling the interest in the Ultimate Fighter?

The heavyweight division in the UFC is at an all time low. Except for maybe Brandon Vera, I don't see anyone who I would pay $40 to see to fight for the championship (BTW I like Monson but boy did he look terrible at UFC 59!).

Put all these variables together and you may see what I see.

Remember, UFC is a business just like any other form of entertainment.


You do realize just how long the owners of the UFC would go to jail if this was true right?

And you deemed this worthy of your first post? Way to pop your cherry....

Arlovski didn't throw that punch as hard as he could have that sent Tim to his butt and Tim has never knocked an opponent out before, your theory is great, LOL
Get over it, upsets happen, it is mma.

UFC at its dirtiest is still cleaner than boxing - the other sport reported by Athletic Commissions.

Ok first things first....


second, shits not that serious.

"As if the Feritta brothers haven't gotten away with far worse... LOL."

If they have... it's for a whole lot more money. If you think they are risking it over this little thing we enjoy called the UFC you're nuts. The amount of money an Arlovski x Sylvia 3 fight is worth to them is essentially 0. Nobody wanted to see them fight a second time, a 3rd might be less of a draw not more.

Do you honestly believe the July PPV gets many more buys with Arlovski x Sylvia on the card?

Get a clue

I knew there was more than one gunman in the Kennedy asassination!

The only difference between UFC and WWE is that the WWE plans who wins BEFORE a fight and writes a good story well in advance.

The UFC, on the other hand, doesn't script who will win, and is left scrambling for a 'storyline' in the aftermath.

I understand the complex dynamics behind the improbilities of staging a loss such as Arlovski's. Yet I'm also open to the idea that the bottom line is always about money. Something just didn't feel right when I saw the fight.

Furthermore, the following stats solidified my opinion:

UFC 43 49,000 buys (48,669.8) Liddell vs Couture
Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture 3, is expected to create $3.8 million in revenue for Zuffa from ticket sales alone, according to the Wrestling Observer website.

Couture/Lidell 3 made almost 7X more than Couture/Lidell 1

Fighters and their skills don't bring in revenue, it's all about the personna(e.g. Couture-Captain America, Lidell-Ice Man, Ortiz-Bad Boy). Chris Leben isn't the best fighter around but his personality sure stands out.

This thread was to bring attention to the fact that the UFC has become a huge money making sport which teeters on the edge of sports entertainment (just look at Leben, Cabbage, Ortiz). It's image, that's what sells. So do rematches!
I know most of us wouldn't want to admit it but the possibility definately exists. I'm just raising eyebrows here.

You have to post these theories BEFORE the fights, not after, or no one will take you seriously.

Refer here next time:

you're comparing 49,000 PPV buys to 3.5 million in revenue..

question is, how much revenue is generated by 49,000 ppvs? "

Although this thread is stupid, don't forget the 400,000 PPV buys that Couture Liddell 3 is estimated to have. Thats another 19 million dollars