Contenders Series week 9 thread

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Only 4 fights tonight cause

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Chocolate Cake GIF by Wetpaint

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When Michael Bisping is commentating


Ruffy needs more urgency.

Mag gifted him the win wit that horrible takedown effort. Fucking idiot just need to hang on one more minute.

Good hustle by Ruffy to get the finish. The way the first 2 Rounds were going it looked like this was going to be a Decision.

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Well that one hell of an impression to make on Dana,
You will never fight for the UFC ever MTFK

I’m so glad Khabib and Islam’s boy lost

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This Dagi who is fighting now is now representing Bahrain… hmmm I wonder why

And has fought some tough tough competition in the past …


His opponent hasn’t got a good record (when it comes to the quality he has faced)

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This is horrible match making. They’re just trying to get another name to push from the contender series as the next big thing. Even though hes fighting a can crusher

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Co main event
Torres at 12-1 beat a pro at 1-2 (SHOCKING)

Lmao that looks fucking terrible and pathetic. Wtf kind of level of competition is he facing? The mentally handicapped

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At least Torres opponent Silva has faced better competition

The guy in the main event tonight lost to a 0-0 fighter when he was 5-0

It’s also his 2nd go at DWCS as he lost the last time

Also if u noticed… the guy I. The main event that lost to the 0-0 pro when he was 5-0 , lost to the same person in his 1st go at DWCS

That’s embarrassing UFC is really running out of talented fighters to sign

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Red pants had “It”