Contingency Plan for UFC

With the high rate of injury for our sport, and the subsequent backing out of fights, wouldn't it be a good idea if for every fight, especially main events, that in addition to the two scheduled fighters, there was a designated alternate to replace either of the scheduled two in event of injury.

This could be set up in advance, and agreed on by all parties involved. This would avoid the last minute haggling between the remaining fighter, Zuffa, and the proposed alternate.

Just cheap insurance. Pay your alternate $2-3k just to be in shape and "on call" come fight time. The price of the alternate, should he actually have to fight would then have been negotiated and settled long in advance.

Dana would not have so many ulcers and stress. He could then use his time making sure the UFC ran perfectly rather than making sure it runs at all.

What do you think

I know MMA training is different, but that's what backup football players (such as quarterbacks) do their entire career. They are training to be ready at moment's notice... the opportunity may come or may not.

At least they'd get paid for it and would hopefully get better consideration for a future UFC match. I could see doing it for at least the main event fights.

a) there is a lot more money in pro football
b) to have a "backup" fighter ready to fight someone like Randy Couture would cost a good amount of money. They'd have to pay someone at least $30,000 just to stay in fight shape and be ready. The "backup" fighter will have to be a contender, like Vitor or Chuck.

seifer, No the replacement did not train for nothing if neither fighter is injured. He still gets paid, although only slightly.

You guys point out that it would cost too much money for a guy to stay in fight shape but not fight. What about the guy's they use for replacement now. Aren't they in shape? Don't you think they would be in a little better shape if paid and a chance for a big payday.

He could also be given a "tuneup fight" if he wanted it for say 1/2 of what he would get for main event.

Another possibility for an unused alternate is a guaranteed spot on the NEXT UFC card, which is will already be in shape for. Since he is not fighting he runs less risk of being hurt.

With 3 months between shows this just amounts to someone training 6 months for a fight rather than 3.

I am just brainstorming here.

why isnt Guy fighting ?

Brain injury of some sort. Doctors said no, until it heals.

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