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1UP: Do you think there's anyone you couldn't beat in a fight?

Jet Li: Well, it hasn't happened yet. You know, I've never played basketball, so I don't know what would happen. A movie is a dream. I play a character, if they say Jet Li can beat Michael Jordan as the character, I'm very proud. But that's a dream, it's not the truth. Something in real life, it's never happened, we can't guess. In real life, I never fight with people. So I don't know, maybe everyone can beat me up. I will smile, because I am a Buddhist.

But in the movie, I hurt lots of people -- I kill lots of people, in the past 30 movies, but in real life, nobody dies. They still shake hands with me. So it's different things

Well, after having been around UFC fighters like he has, it's hard to pretend you are a badass with a straight face. But its a cool quote nonetheless.

Its like people at work think I'm a badass because I train a little MMA. Its weird. I never pretented to be tough. But to people, if you train karate, you're normal unless you are a black belt, of course, then you are a walking killer. Its like "you train ultimate fighting. Wow you are dangerous man" like there were no differences between a beginner and a pro.

That is definitely a good quote.

Someone should suggest he have a discussion with Seagal.

"translating chinese to asshole-prick would be far beyond both jet and seagal"


I haven't heard. What's so asshole prickish about Seagal? I thought he was a Buddhist as well?

Yeah, they are both Tibetan Buddhists, but they couldn't be more different.

Jet is very cool. On the Cradle to the Grave DVD he mentioned that the ultimate fighters could probably beat him up in 10 seconds.

From what I have seen, Segal is pretty cool... maybe a bit of a blow hard, and he plays tough guys alot...

But you can see he is very serious about environmental issues, big business coruption and abuses, and racial/class inequities

seagals buddhist? he plays alot of roles in movies where he is christian as well? For example just last night I was watching hard to kill ... and he heals himself and meditates in front of a buddha statue but then in later dreams of his past life (before he was put into a coma), him and his son are saying christian prayers and talking about the Lord

From what I have seen, Segal is pretty cool... We clearly have different experiences.

"translating chinese to asshole-prick would be far beyond both jet and seagal"

Best line ever and couldn't more true!!!

ZeSaku posted:

"i think the language barrier would be too much

translating chinese to asshole-prick would be far beyond both jet and seagal"

That was very funny.

Good quote by Jet Li.

Gary Hughes

been lucky enough to hear jet li speak on a couple of different occasions and even got to meet him on the set of "the one" awhile back... he's always carried himself very humbly, speaks humbly, and has always been one of my favorite traditional martial artists to watch because of his great accomplishments from an early age... and yeah... i remember watching the extras on the "cradle to the grave" dvd an jet li saying how the mma guys were "real" fighters and badasses and how they'd probably beat him up quick... he gave them much respect...

seagal on the other hand, although not from firsthand experience but from friends that have worked on one of his movies helping with choreography of fight scenes, etc... i guess he's got a pretty healthy ego and isn't afraid of throwing his "weight" around... also just hearsay but have heard from plenty of different heads in hollywood that he was a habitual drug-user, etc., etc., etc...

Quadros said Seagal was a complete dickhead and randomly tries to hit people in the groin as a "test" (I'm not kidding), but several people have put him in his place over the years including Judo Gene and the late "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig.

As for Jet, I've never heard anyone say anything bad about him at all. He seems to be a good guy.

On the extras for Cradle to the Grave he was talking about how everyone thinks he's bad, and working with the UFC fighters was really something becuase he was beating them in the movie, but in realk life they could probaly easily kill him.

"someone go beat him up and see if he got any skills at all!"


You've got to admit it, guys, Jet Lee does have some cool moves on the big screen! Although kung fu movies don't do the same for me as they did before I got into MMA.

i wonder if this statement was made before or after his historical match against all the ufc stars in his last movie.

opie cunningham

Can someone get a vid cap of Li talking about how the UFC guys could beat his ass?