Cool stuff...

Here is the late April 2004 update:

1. I'd like to congratulate the following people on their recent
promotion to blue belt.

John Fox (from Adam La Clair's team).

Ryan McCue (from Adam La Clair's team).

Katie Gudmundsen (from Adam La Clair's team).

Ryan Fennessy (from Chris Drechsler-Martell's team).

All four of them took their blue belt examination while I was in
Vermont this past weekend. All four of them passed. Their
coaches, Adam Clair and Chris Drechsler-Martell, should be
proud. Help me congratulate them!

2. The Harris Academy got a partial face lift recently. The walls
were painted, the carpets cleaned and the bathroom had black
porcelain tile put in it. Plus, I added a television to the reception
area, as well as several books and videos to the new bookcases. So
now while students wait for their classes to start, they can
entertain and inform themselves.

3. To date, I have mailed out ninety-four (94) "Purpose Driven Life"
books. More orders keep coming in every week. Plus, I am hearing
of the positive impact it is making on people's lives! I just ordered
several more copies. So if you want one, just send me an e-mail
and it is all yours!

Additionally, this week I will be offering one more book free of
charge, as well as another offer for free info.

4. One of my good friends has been in the body building industry
for a couple of decades. Some of you might know his good friend
and training partner, Mr. Lee Haney (
Well, besides all of the personal fitness training he has taught to
professional athletes over the years, recently, he has gotten into
Olympic weightlifting. He has invited me to attend an all day
seminar for coaches who are interested in teaching their athletes
how to perform Olympic lifts. He has invited one of the current
Olympic lifting coaches to come to his facility and teach this
informative seminar. I will be attending as a guest of his. I am very
excited about this. I will let you know how it goes.

5. Recently, I receive a letter from a gentleman I had trained ten
years ago. He flew from India to San Diego JUST to train with me
for three months. During his 90 day visit, I invested a considerable
amount time into his training.

Well, ten years later, after graduating from law school, working
many 90 hour weeks as an attorney for a large automobile
company, getting married, he and his wife having their first child,
teaching martial arts to the Indian Army and Special Forces, he has
written me a lengthy letter detailing my impact on his life! I was
very shocked to hear from him after all of these years. I was
especially surprised to hear of his gratitude for the impact I had
made on his life. Because of all of this, he has decided he wants to
bring me to India so that he can show me his country. He also
wants to become an instructor within my international grappling
association. And, he wants me to find an instructor within my
association to come and live with he and his wife for a period of
six months or longer so that this instructor can train his daily! He
will pay all expenses for this instructor. That's quiet an offer.


Roy Harris

When he left San Diego several years ago, he wrote to me and
asked me to come to India for one year. He said he would pay all
of my expenses and give me a decent salary. He would give me
the opportunity to travel throughout India on my own. He would
allow me to attend medical school free of charge, both eastern
and western medicine disciplines. And, since he knew of an
individual who would teach me Kallaripayattu, I would be able to
learn this ancient and fascinating art. It was quite an offer.
However, I turned him down because of my loyalty to my students
in San Diego.

Now that he is offering a similar deal to my instructors, I do hope
one of them takes him up on the offer.

Pretty cool huh?

6. The next major update on will happen on
Monday, June 7. This update will involve a ton of new video-clips.
(YES, I know June is a long way off.........but, I am working on some
new ideas as well as some feature updates for So, I
need to make sure everything works before I go live with it.

I am positive you will like the new stuff!

7. I had scheduled a sale at the Harris Academy this weekend.
However, due to the movers flaking out on me (they neither
showed or called), I had to cancel and reschedule. I will move the
sale date back to late May. This will give me time to collect and
organize everything myself. I am planning on selling new and used
videos, books, training gear, video equipment, software and more.
A lot of the stuff will be cheap, very cheap. How cheap you ask?
Some of the stuff will go for $1 to $5. Most of the electronic stuff
will go for less than $50.

8. Some of you know about the recent hackings on
Well, the good news is this: We found out who the guy is! My
friends with a certain federal agency will be contacting him very
soon. I do hope they are persuasive with him!

9. On May 3rd, I am headed off to Obertshausen, Germany to
teach a series of private lessons and a two day BJJ seminar with
Mr. Bjoern Friedrich! One of my students will accompany me on
this trip. However, since he has fallen in love with this beautiful
German girl, I am not sure how much time he will devote to
training ! )

10. On Sunday, May 23rd, I will be teaching an intermediate level
guard passing seminar at my academy. I will cover passing the
open, butterfly and half guards. The cost to attend this seminar is
$50 and is open to the general public.

11. On June 4th, I am headed off to Rochester, New York to teach
a two day BJJ seminar at Kyle Saunders BJJ Academy. This is the
first seminar where I will be focusing on controlling and attacking
from the back.

12. Finally, July is going to be an exciting month for me. Not only
will I be traveling to Poland again to teach the summer BJJ camp
for Mr. Karol Matuszczak, but I will also be starting something I
have been talking about starting for quite some time: I will begin
working on obtaining my private pilot's license to fly a helicopter!
Woo-hoo! I have already located an school and an instructor. I'll
let you know how it goes!

Well, that about wraps it up for April.

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris

I forgot two things:

1. The dates are set for the new JKD/FMA course.

2. I am headed to Minneaplois, Minnesota, June 11-13. If any of
you want to train, let me know! I will make myself available on one
of those days.

Roy Harris

YAY RYAN !!!! :)

oh, and props to everyone else too.

Cool Roy,

which student will come with you?

Take care



His real name is Rafael, code name is "Salsa."

He will arrive in Germany on April 30 and will be taking care of
other business before he comes to train with us. I told him I would
like to see him at a couple of our semi-private training sessions
on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and evenings. He
assured me he would come.

He will contact you sometime in the next day or two.

Roy Harris