Coolest quote i've heard re judo

Tonight, our guest/substitute instructor (Sensei Phil, from Ogasawara's) said a very peculiar yet very true statement regarding practicing taking falls during a drill he was having us do.

He said something to the extent of

"f you do this right, its not going to hurt you today, but its going to hurt tomorrow."

So very true.

actually... if you do it right.. it'll hurt that night. why do you think judo players drink after practice?

slapusilly: where do you train? Curious to hear how/why Sensei Phil was at your place.

Sensei Phil is a great guy. red/white belt who is on the mat a lot, helps new students all the time and then stays late after class to help the competitors/advanced students get extra randori in as well.

I train judo with Celita at Performance BJJ (I also do BJJ there) in Fairlawn.
She was not going to be able to make it to teach class last night so she arranged for Sensei Phil to sub in for her.

Very very very nice guy and super knowledgeable. Also a badass. He said he had a few leg and shoulder injuries but still did randori with us and showed us younguns whats up.