Cooper, Paling & Jhun NEWS!! Exclusive...

I talked with the three top dogs of Hawaii MMA this past Saturday at Punishment in Paradise and here is some of the news that I got:Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun has been asked to fight Robbie Lawler by UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, possibly at UFC 49 at 185 lbs. Robbie said that he cannot make 170 anymore and Ron has given a verbal agreement. Now let's see if the UFC will come through with their verbal agreement and let Ron sign on the dotted line to make this official.Congratulations to Ron! It's been a long time coming.Ray "Bradda" Cooper and Stephen "Bozo" Paling has both come to verbal agreements as well for their participation in the upcoming July 9 Shooto Hawaii Super Card. Many websites have been posting match ups here and there, but take it with a grain of salt because until the fighters actually sign a contract, it is not a done deal.With Bradda and Bozo on the card as well as some other local fighters, the card will be one to go to. Bradda is scheduled to fight Jake Shields for the Shooto Title and Bozo is scheduled to fight former UFC Champion Jens Pulver. I say scheduled because like I said before, nothing is a done deal until both fighters sign their contracts.Keep your fingers crossed for all three Hawaii fighters. Make sure you support these fighters by ordering the UFC that Ron fights in and coming to the event that features Bradda and Bozo.

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Jhun would KO Robbie

TTT for Bradda and Bozo!

Lawler's brawling style of standup, as well as his blatant running, will be exposed for a third time when he meets Jhun.

Jhun by KO, late in the second.

Jhun by KO!

ttt for the 3 big fights...