Corey Hill- Maybe KICKED OUT??

heck yeah domingo....i mean no matter if he did lose a close fight or draw..or win...which the judges thought he fo that against EMerson is somet5hing special..the dude is tough and a good ass this says alot!

Aren't the TUF fights (other than the live finals) classified as exhibitions? I thought the NSAC didn't sanction them because they do not release the results within a specified time.

They don't appear on a fighter's record, do they? Which would mean that, officially, Corey still has never fought.

Is there any reason at all for the NSAC to care about what was said by a guy who might decide to fight at some future date?

I'm wondering if there classified as amateur fights or exhibitions.

I don't think they could be amateur because except for Corey everyone else is a pro fighter. It is a exhibition.

They classify the fights as exhibitions. It can't be amatuer because they are making money.

theya r eexhibitions because Zuffa doesn't report the results of the fight to the NSAC after they happen (obviously they ahve to kep the results a secret. Hence, thats why it won't show up on any MMA records I believe.

exhibition matches

dont those tuf fights only count as sparring sessions anyways, they are not on fighters records.

Corey has fought twice as far as I know. I've seen both.

I read that the fight results have to be made immediately available, within 24 hours or something like that, to count on a fight record. Since this obviously isn't the case with TUF contestants, I conclude that TUF fights (except for the finals) don't count toward W/L record.

None of Joe Stevenson's wins on TUF 2 counted except for the finale against Cummo. None of Matt Serra's wins on TUF 4 counted except for his finale win against Lytle. I think you are mistaken, catchy.