Cormier calls Silva the Ali of MMA, tired of 'recency bias' in current GOAT debates

Is DC right and fans need to put WAY more respect on Silva’s name when it comes to the middleweight GOAT debate?

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Recency bias helps his dagi homeboy pretend he is the goat


I hate when people compare any fighter to Ali! Boxing or mma!

Ali is one of a kind and it can’t be replicated or compared.

Anderson is not a humanitarian like Ali was!

Plus Ali wasn’t on PEDs nor did he ever take a fighter lightly … Ali he might have toyed with fighters but his ultimate goal was to bury his opponents!

Plus Anderson’s fights will never have a foreman nor a Frazier!

Anderson should’ve never took wiedman lightly. Killed his career when he could’ve put him away easily! The Thales leites fight ; Muhammad would’ve buried his opponent just to prove a point. Not just to hold out for more money.

Literally told Don king to stfu! Moreover get the “F” away from him!

Ali went to whites kids in the hospital who had cancer! Ali ducked the draft and stood to his ground about killing people ! Ali kept fighting with brain damage!

No one in mma is like Ali or ever will be!

MR. Combatively

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Anytime you lose 7 of your last 8 fights in the UFC, not including having a win overturned because you tested positive for PEDs, it’s going to diminish what you did prior.

Does Izzy have more work to do to be considered the GOAT middleweight? Yeah probably. But Anderson shouldn’t be put on this untouchable pedestal that nobody can pass simply because of how his UFC run ended.

If Jon Jones loses his next 6 or 7 fights, nobody would be calling him the goat either.

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Silva had stopped juicing for Weidman. He went in there with a “let’s see how this goes” mentality. At the time, he had already stated, multiple times he was feeling burnt out, bored, not focused. Can I prove the steroid claim, nope. Is it obvious to anyone who knows how these things work, yep.

What a crazy coincidence that recency bias only kicked in once his squad retired

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I don’t dispute Anderson and Jon Jones not being the greatest in mma. That’s silly! But they do have takeaways from their careers unlike Khabib, Fedor, Demetrius Johnson, GSP.

Jones is a repeated offender of PEDs and he beat a lot of guys exiting their primes. Not to mention he is 6’4. Should’ve been fighting heavyweights with the height he had. Not a small guy. Most of his competition guys were the height of Rampage and Shogun. Huge advantage! He also constantly eye pokes. The matches he struggled with were guys his height.

Anderson was caught cold busted and should’ve put leites way and not toyed with weidman. If he comes in like he did against Forrest Griffin; he puts Chris out! Legacy is way different

MR . Combatively

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Ali was an anti race mixing Muslim and not exactly a saint like people wanna pretend.

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Khabib could have had some of those takeaways, but he won a couple big fights and left.

Silva was something to behold in his prime. If he isn’t the GOAT he is right at the top of the conversation with maybe a couple others.

Once again people you cannot be the greatest of ‘‘all’’ time in anything, if time hasn’t actually finished yet.

So stop talking like retards and pay more respect to the ‘‘Anglish’’ language please.

Didn’t DC just call Usman the WW GOAT recently on UFC commentary?

I haven’t heard anyone call Izzy GOAT over Silva and anyone who has is a retard.

Silva fought in an era full of juicers. Izzy is in a rigged era where WME-IMG turns a blind eye to his gyno while he beats up natural athletes.

There’s a higher chance Costa is natty than Izzy

ali had a lot of controversies that i feel get ignored. The split glove, the phantom punch, chemicals on gloves, eye gouging at one guy. Ali was kind of a piece of shit


I’m totally surprised DC picked a guy he beat as the GOAT, and not the guy that beat his ass and embarrassed him twice and has never lost a fight. DC is predictable with his butt hurt.

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Dan doesn’t realize what a projection his statement is. When YOU become over the hill, suddenly “recency” worship becomes a sin. When he thought he’d beat Miocic again, he felt he’d be the best ever–because HE was recent then.

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