Cormier Would Fight Cain But Wld Rather Go2 205


“My standpoint is it is up to the fighters,” said Mendez, who also trains Cormier. “I back both my fighters with whatever decision they make. If they both agree and the organizations want it, then it will happen and it’s nothing personal. We’ll have to set up separate camps and take care of them as best we can. Daniel has talked about it before. Whatever Daniel wants, I’ll back 100 percent. If Cain says, ‘No,’ guess what I’m going to do? I’ll be behind Cain.”

“He’s a friend,” said Cormier. “I’ve trained him for all of his recent fights. I cornered him. We face each other every day in sparring.

“It’ll be a very difficult fight for us to do. It will have to be worth it to us financially. We share the same coaches and the same management team. We’d have to address this as a group, with [manager] Bob Cook, Javier. I don’t want to be just a good fighter. I want to be the best in the world. I could be in line for a championship but if it came down to us, I’d much rather go to 205. That would eliminate a lot of things. We have a great thing going at AKA, to avoid a lot of negatives, to avoid people having to choose sides, I’d rather move to 205, maybe beat someone, and then face Jon Jones. I’d have to have that fight instead of Cain.”

And as such, the goal of settling who’s the best heavyweight inside the cage could remain elusive.;_ylt=ApTC_T7APe3cPN3YxsI427E9Eo14

Yeah 205 could be tricky. Would be a beast down there if his body could do it. Phone Post

DoomFarmer - Cormier savagely beats the fuck out of Jones at 205.

Hope to see it.

 how so?

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