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Sir Roy,

Just visited your website. I just want to clarify some things since I heard that being associated with Kali Ilustrisimo is now getting controversial.

Me and the guy on my left side, Aaron Lee are neither practicioners of KI nor part of any original group. Rom-Rom just invited us to roll BJJ with you.

BTW. Yes. I remembered that conversation bet Mang Tony and Mang Romy. They said that you used pure technique in manhandling the 3 of us. ;)



I'm not trying to hijack your thread, however I was unable to copy and paste that link. I think that you can't because of the way Mr. Harris has his website setup.

To get to the picture that Toby is referring to go to

enter "Manila" in the search box in the upper right hand corner.

Select the article entitled "Manila, Philippine January 2004" and go to page 3 to see the picture Toby is referring to.


Thanks for doing the necessary corrections. Peace


Here is the correct URL:

Go to page three of this article.


Thanx Mr. Harris. That's good to know.

Take care