Corrupt flash ad?

 So Ive noticed that whenever the ad for the Affliction womens clothing is on the forum, my mouse icon wont stop flickering/disappearing.

Its only with this particular ad, none of the other Affliction ones cause it.

Is there something corrupt with that file? Am I the only one its happening to?

Its a bit annoying.

Using Firefox 6 btw.

 I'm in Chrome and it's been messing with me for days now. 

 Crap, WFA sorry...

Same here.  The ad wasn't showing for me earlier today, but now it's up again and my mouse is flickering.  it's the ad that magnifies when you hover over it.  I saw the ad yesterday, but didn't link the two issues together.


I'm experiencing it as well. I thought it was just a glitch on the site in general because it happens all the time to me.

Roughshot -  Crap, WFA sorry...

 Who's in the wrong forum NOW, asshole?

Same here Phone Post