Cost UFC about $100 million to see Silva/Machida

"According to the report Machida and Silva’s manager Ed Soares did not rule out the fight, but did say it would cost the UFC about $100 Million to get them into the Octagon at opposite ends."

I was thinking this fight would be great if Silva wins against Griffin and Dana would want to do it, but is Ed Soares out of his mind asking for this kind of money or does a fight of this magnitude warrant that kind of money.

If Silva or Machida or both refuse then what? I see Anderson leaving or holding out if not getting this payday. I really think this is the kind of purse Anderson is looking for before he retires.

Who doesn't want to see this fight but are these big enough names for this money?

That's not going to happen and it's ridiculous to even suggest it....100 million

I think his point was that it's not going to happen. He's not going to actually ask for $100 million.

robopimp - I think his point was that it's not going to happen. He's not going to actually ask for $100 million.


love it! in your fucking face dana

That fight isnt worth paying them 1 million combined.

There's no way they could recover that kind of money. Not to mention that neither guy is that level of star.


It is a joke to ask for that kind of money. Dana is known to be stubborn and if they both keep winning he's going to want this fight. It could get messy because Dana will want his way but I can see Anderson refusing unless he gets paid big bucks.

 You all dumb who ever believes Ed is being serious. He puts up a rediculous amount of money up there that no 2 fighters has ever earned in  combat sports to say yea, its not gonna happen unless you end up paying 100mil.... meaning it will never happen... Dana was stingy on signing fedor for what ever amount he wanted, you think he will go for 100mil? hah

danas practice of making friends and training partners fight eachother sucks and i dont think the fans like it either. this is just a slap in the face to that sadistic fucker and i love it.

 Everybody trains with everyone, you have to expect the possibility of fighting one of your "buddies" at any given time.  It might suck, but the business is bigger than your friendship.

jobro - 
IrishFighter110 - assholes. its not as if they are brothers or have trained together their whole lives.

Who the fuck are you?

lol, zactly brah

 the should fukin blow each other on PPV  for 50 million ....

they will never see that kinda of paper in their lifetimes.... 100 mill buys alotta mouthwash....  esp in Brazil...

whats he going to do fire them lol? they are the boss at this point