Cote biatches!!!

So where are all you fuckheads who were shiting on Cote in that huge thread, saying how Cote was gonna get fucked up. Well Cote certainly fucked up Mahood, even quicker than Vigneault.

Lets hear some excuses

LOL !!

The anger is strong in that post.

I was one of the ones who thought ( and still do ) that Mahood is a much better fighter . Did Cote win ? obviously so, does he deserve respect for that win and how he won ? absolutely!!!. The sport of MMA has many aspects and variables anyone can lose and in turn anyone can win on any given night.Look at Vitor vs Couture...shit happens.I was wrong in my prediction but still believe Mahood is much, much better then the young inexperienced Cote. The night was Cote's, congratulations on the win.

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I think if you study the Couture/Belfort fight you see a shadow of a man on a grassy knoll in the distance. I am beginning to suspect a UFC cover up on this.

It's all very close to true, Mahood is very good. Still have to rub it in. Eastside!!!

I guess it proves Côté knows how to Bang. This guys is going to go very far.

Damn!!!!! Pat Coté Has beaten Mahood. I knew It would be a quick KO. Guys from west cost we had some shit talk but guys its a game!!!! Its a show!!! And now you know that Quebec has many good fighter. Maybe some has not 20 years of experience but they have huge heart, good teachers and they train hard. My cousin told to Bill that he was goin to war. Pat won the war even before bill knew where he was. Come on Guys its not luck Its Patrick Cote the killer puncher!

Ny the way, Bill you are a great respectfull athlete you went shaking hand...It was nice.

Yeah. Bill always was respectful, but his fans sure were not! Props to Bill for stepping up, but DowntownMB is right on!

Bill is always respectful and will be back in the ring to impress soon I am sure congrats to Cote and I feel sorry for who ever steps in front of Bill next because they will have one pissed off motherfucker in front of them !

I was not impressed by Mahood in his fight with Yan at TKO 15.Pellerin dominated that fight until the last 15-20 seconds of the R2.

Cote's win just secures my view of Mahood.

I can't wait until Spartan releases Mahood vs Haseman or IFC releases Mahood vs Sauer....completely over the top footage.... I've seen it.
Not to mention the promo video that Bill has coming out in the coming weeks.....Awesome.

Bill Mahood is an incredibly dynamic, exciting and world class fighter.

Huge props to Cote... He obviously has dynamite in his right hand but at the same time, Mahood has fought extremely hard over his career and should be given the respect that he deserves.

Oh yeah!

Where are the Mahood riders??? Côté put them back into
their place!

That was nice to see.

Not to be a dick or anything, but it sounds like Cote got lucky.

Cervantes said it best, "Better to be lucky than good."

MMA is crazy. Anybody can beat anybody. I've met Mahood and Cote. Both nice guys and good ambassadors of the sport. Mahood made a mistake, and Cote was able to capitalize. Don't take away from Cote's win, but don't take cheap shots at Mahood or his fans, either.