Cote retired

Great career,15 years in the octagon!


Always brought it. Sad to see him go, but wish him the best in the future.

He gave us some great fights. Respect to Cote

Hespect to da Predator.

Mad respect

Sad to see another old boy go. Best of luck to him.


Great fighter.


He had a good fight against unbeatable anderson, then blew that knee out. Fight was pretty even before that wonky injury.

Will always be a fan of cote. Met him once, awesome guy. Enjoy retirement, thanks for your contributions. He helped the sport. Classy dude.

Always been a fan of his work. He'll be missed

Classy. Much respect to The Predator. Feel like I've been watching him forever. I remember him dropping Tito like it was yesterday. 

Isn't he a pretty big deal on the media side in Canada?

yup he does French UFC broadcasts

Dean of Lean - yup he does French UFC broadcasts
Good for him, he seems like a pretty personable dude

He didn't hang on too long. I wish him the best in retirement.

Damn too bad. He's still a boss!


Respect to Cote. Guy has been at it for many a year. 


Wish him him the best in whatever he decides to do next in life. 


Sounds like he has some future in the booth for the Canadian broadcasts.