Cote signs 3 contract deal?

Might just be a rumor, but I heard that before accepting his fight against Tito Ortiz that he requested a 3 fight deal with Zuffa. Anyone know the truth to this?

If it is true, that was a smart move on Cote's behalf.

thats why we have managers!

ufc4life- Sounds like a hella sweet deal. So on top of that hes getting paid 20k to fight and 20k to win?!!?!

Damn. Thats more than 95% of first time UFC fighters get paid. Actually, in a recent article I read that Matt Lindland gets paid 20k to fight and 20k to win. Thats outrageous.

Good for Cote. I personally think hes gonna lose, but hey, its MMA, anything can happen.

I heard it was 3, ufc4life says 2....

I'd like to see this interview Patry did.

Patry mentioned it on the Canada forum I believe.

I can't look it up right now but it was called something like Historic Night For Canada.

"20/20 still seems pretty high- his manager really must have been sticking it to zuffa- i dont know if that is going to pay off in the end....anyone know how much mezger was supposed to make"


Pretty high?? I think it is LOW... Vlady got 3 times that for a fight on short notice with Tito.


20K to take a beating that can ruin you mentally?? 

yeah, and Tito turned down alot of other guys. I heard Vitor was willing to fight him

Zuffa could have saved a lot of money.

I'd get whooped on by Tito for far less than 20/20 and a 3 fight deal.

these long term contracts are a killer.

Good for Cote. Even if he loses, hopefully they will throw some at Cote who he has a good chance of beating (eg not an underdog). It will make Tito look better if Cote doesn't go 0-3 in the UFC.


if im not mistaken the ufc contracts are worded so they can cancel at any time. So if cote gets stomped and no one is impressed can zuffa bail on the contract?

I think Cote is defintely a prospect.

I wouldn't be THAT surprised if he beat Tito.

I've heard about the Mahood v Haseman fight. Apparently Chris hit Bill with everything but the kitchen sink and he just smiled and carried on... Cote knocked Mahood's ass out.

Tito's going to want to take this down quick.

" 20k is pocket change for zuffa. The fertitta's are very rich and could put on better show's but it's there money."

business 101...

UFC us not using the fertitta's personal cash to pay for their events. UFC, the event, has its own budget which gets established based upon the projected income from the event. The money paying for the fighter purses comes from the UFC bank account, not the fertitta's personal bank account. Furthrmore, they probably utilize bank loans to fill the UFC bank account to invest into each show so if the show shuts down completely (worst case scenario), they won't be out $800,000 all at once.

Keeping mind that this event is falling apart, I'm sure their projected profit from the show is much lower. They pay the fighters based upon their drawing power. Cote has none...not yet.

It's just like the stupid crap that people were saying about Dana White when he placed a bet with Pride using his own personal money.

CharlesFFA/AFA - I dont think so, unless they manipulated the contract before sending it to Cote.

yes, he did.

I was surprised with the Mahood KO too until I saw it - looks like it was similar to Egan's KO at the hands of Suda, where he took a punch around the temple/ear area and just had his equilibrium completely shattered.

That said, Cote has a chance in this one for sure!

Well if we're going to be seeing Cote at least 2 more times in the UFC after this weekend, here's hoping he doesn't suck!

JK, from all accounts, he sounds like an up and comer. I just hope he's ready for prime time.

Stephane Patry just confirmed Cote signed a 3 fight deal with the UFC. St. Pierre signed the same deal except his contract goes up in pay and is extended to 5 fights if he continues to win.

Considering all that's gone on with fighters and the UFC I believe Stephane did a great job negotiating on behalf of his fighters.

" Vitor did accept the fight but tito wanted a boatload, of money for that fight on short notice."
so tito ducked vitor? interesting...

No- the UFC had both fighters agree and had the ability to make it happen, but why waste this great fight on 7 days of advertising. They are going to cut their losses and try and make a ton of money in February. UFC 50 will not make enough money to pay Vitor and Tito with only 7 days to sell it.