Could a Wrestler beat Chun Li?

Could a world class Wrestler beat Chun Li in Streetfighter if he had enough stand-up defense to not get hurt too bad by her feet? I'm talking about a world-class Freestyle Wrestler with good long-range grabbing skills, a good taunt, and tons of good special moves so that he can keep scoring ridiculous over the top computer game throws the whole match.

you're an idiot dude. wasnt Zangief a wrestler? DUH!

Who's Chun Li?

Zangief was a wrestler.....

He was also the worst character on SF2.

As far as Chun Li's fireball, she had it before SFA3. She got it in SF2:Turbo.

If Ching Li has a salt packet ready to throw in your eyes... nothing is possible thx

Great spinoff.

"He was also the worst character on SF2."

No way! The asian guys in my local arcade mastered him, and he was the deadliest character out there. I'm talking even moreso than Guile!

"If Ching Li has a salt packet ready to throw in your eyes... nothing is possible thx"

It was a tablet he crumbled to dust, and that was "Chong Li". I always appreciate a Bloodsport reference though.

"Great spinoff."

Thanks, it's my first, I've been pacing myself.

I use the sumo wrestler E.Honda, and finish her with the thousand hand bitch slap.

E.Honda doesn't have bitch slaps.

Sangiefs Strong Punch (medium) is a bitch slap.

Well, the computer basically cheated quite a lot in SF2. 'gief would pick you up the instant he was at his maximum range, which is awful AI programming. About the only way to beat him reliably was the jump-back-in-the-corner trick, and that sucks.

Anyways, I shouldn't really be talking about SF2 on the UG, it was just a spinoff. To make it more MMA relevant, I note that, like Kharitonov, Zangief had a surprisingly good standup game for a Russian grappling specialist.

All it would take is one Dragon Punch and the shit would be over.

From the technical aspect of Guile's back arch throw, I'd have to say he wrestled while he was in the military, and I've seen him nail many a sucker with that throw, especially Chun Li.

So the answer is yes.

LMAO@ estarriol :) LOL

Zangief was always the hardest character for me and my buddies too. but when my brother mastered him we couldnt beat him anymore. He ripped us until it was no longer fun.

Ha ha - nice spin off thread.

I was actually really good at SF at one time and I can verify that Zangief was *not* a bad character and when mastered was probably the most feared guy around. Once you learn to link his standing short kick into the spinning piledriver then any time you get close to anyone they're taking big damage. Only Ryu, Ken, and Sagat could consistantly escape the throw link and with mix-ups and timing you could bait them into missing their uppercut counter attempt.

To *try* and link this to MMA, the Zangief character was actually based on a russian hard-style wrestler named Victor Zangief. I don't have it any longer, but I used to have match between he and Kakihara on tape that was one of my all time faves.

So there was a real Zangief. Cripes. Did he ever do the Russian dancing thing with Gorbachev?

Kai - no doubt Guile had decent freestyle wrestling, but I think his ability to grab a 350+ lb Russian guy or Sumo Wrestler with one hand and casually toss them 20 feet away is slightly more impressive wrestling than his suplex. I've never seen Coleman, Couture or Hughes pull that off - Guile was wasted on the army.

Ken was by far the best character and his extra sommersault on the tomoe-nage for effect was great (and got opponents in the corner). Triple uppercut was gold.

Vega was the master of catching people in the air and suplexing them though.

Zangief was an amazing character if you could time all of his moves. Hell, even fireballs passed through him when you were 'spinning'. His jump into you and throw combos were very powerful.

lol@"world-class Freestyle Wrestler with...a good taunt"

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