Could Alvarez beat guys like Tito,

Could Sean Alvarez beat guys like Tito and Chuck if he moved down to lightheavyweight?

no. his takedowns aren't that good and his striking is subpar.
if he trained with a well rounded team (i.e. Miletich) than
maybe. but tito and chuck would both knock him out.

I'm not a Tito fan but I dont think that Alvarez have much chance of beating Tito. I just dont think that he will be able to submit Tito and he would surely get GNP badly. Tito can also just keep it standing and Alvarez has bad stand up even against Tito. With Chuck, he would get KO.

could he even move down to 205? he's a monster

Um, no.

He could move down to 205 easy -- he struggles to keep all that muscle on.

I see him like I see Jeff Monson. Awesome grappler, subpar fighter.

i was gonna make the monsen comment too. and chuck beat monsen, both would have better cardio at 205 without so much roid muscle

NO, not a chance , but I think he'd do better than stayed up at heavyweight and keeps getting pummeled...hey they could match him against Ken shamrock ...that might make for a decent fight.."maybe"..

I don't think we'll know, unless Alvarez gets to that weight and fights at it. It's easy to say his striking isn't that good or his take downs aren't that good, but remember, you're judging things by looking at his strikes and take down attempts against heavyweights who were often 30 lbs.,40lbs. or more bigger than him. He could easily be a major factor droping down to 205, the same way Couture found new life, dropping down to that "light"-heavyweight division.

actually, WRONG. couture was the champ at HW.

No. His cardio isn't good enough.

Honestly, I could see Tito getting tapped by Alvarez if they fought.

Sean, as much as I love his grappling, doesn't quite seem to have what it takes to make it in MMA, aggression mainly.

I'd really like it if he proved me wrong though.