Could Ashton Eaton beat a professional team?

Ashton Eaton set the world record in the decathlon this week.

He ran:
100 meters - 10.21
Long Jump 27 feet
His record for the high jump is 6'11"
His record for the 110 hurdles is 13.34
His 1500 meters record is 4:14 
His record for the 400 is 45.68

Could Ashton Eaton take on a professional sports team in a decathalon?

Given the team can prepare for 6 months, could he beat an entire NBA team, MLB team, NFL team, top soccer team where the team can sub in their best guy to compete in each event and they add up the team score?

I think he could.

I think a football team would be the best competition.    The linemen could become decent shot putters and decent in discus with that amount of training.   They might have one guy who would be close to him in the 100 and 110 hurdles and maybe the 400.    He would destroy them all in the long jump, pole vault and 1500  and beat them in the javelin.

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Eaton's performance in the deca this week is one of the best athetlic peformances in the last few years IMO.

I don't want to say he is the best athlete in the world because that is subjective but he should be one of the people in the conversation.