could fedor bro actually be better

sambo translates as self-defence (well system of self-defence or something like that)...

So they do mean sambo.

His brother has mad potential, but we will see. Certainly, if Erikson is supposedly more dangerous than Coleman, the bigger Fedor is one to be reckoned with down the road.

"You say that, despite the fact that Fedor says he could not beat Alexander easily?"

Yes. I have an unbiased opinion on that based on seeing them both fight. Brotherly respect prevents Fedor from saying he would waste his bro.

"If he was my contender, I would not agree to train with him.."

-I thought blood was thicker than water. Fedor is a cold, hard mofo.

"5 YEARS IN PRISON!?!?!?!??
That's more than you get for stealing a loaf of bread..."

He's got a tatoo of a pirate, which means imprisonment for brigandage (robbery).