could fedor bro actually be better

alexander, the 6"6 275 lb russian smashing machine!

is he better than his brother?

Absolutely not. His bro hits harder, has better conditioning and better subs.


no he isn't better

He's not in the same league as his brother. Maybe he'll get better over the next few years though.

I've only seen one or two of his matches. He doesn't seem better, but still good.

i think alexs' standup is sharper

no fuckin way mannn.


I understood every sentence.

Far to early to make that kind of assesment.

Too early to tell, but he is looking better than Fedor was, this early in his career.

Alek's standup is a little sharper I feel, and he has faster hands. He does hit hard, I think he just tends to not throw with all he has on every punch like Fedor does.

The real question is if he could beat Mino's brother.

he's a master of sport in both judo and sambo, prob just lumping them as one (same with his bro, even though judo is what they claim as their art of choice).

and red devil should send Alexander to the UFC, that way the bros. could hold both world hw titles. W/ the right training nobody in the UFC could stop Alexander

he would kill the little nog!

Not yet. But he does have Fedor to train with, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him improve.

Right now he is not better than Fedor, that's for sure.

But let's take a look at their history (the way they camp to Pride/Bushido events). Fedor was already a champion in Rings organization, he had quite a few fights under his belt with good opponents.

Alexander came to Bushido (fight with A. Silva) about 1/2 year after he got out of prison (where he spent about 5 years, according to his tattoo). And he beats Auserio (sp?). That says something, don't you think?
Emelianenko's friend says that Alexander is very gifted and strong, too bad he doesn't devote himself to training like Fedor does, otherwise it would be very hard for anybodo to stop him.

I agree that nowdays he lacks stamina and speed. With good training (and best sparring partner in the world) he can be better than Fedor. But it is up to him.

Fedor would kill his bro now. But hopefully his bro will get much better. At his size he could be a monster.

You say that, despite the fact that Fedor says he could not beat Alexander easily?

Da Swede is 100% correct.