Could Frye make Gabe make weight?

I think I found a solution for Rudiger's weight/mental issues. I think since he can't fight in the UFC anymore he should sign on with Don Frye's Scorpions. Frye could lock him in a giant dryer or microwave for a couple of hours to make weight. If that doesn't work Don could beat the water out of him.

I also think Frye would toughen his pansy ass up. Thoughts? Ruediger would be a great addition to the IFL.

Frye would definitely toughen him up....

Frye might also get pissed at him though, and throw a beer at him.

"Ruediger would be a great addition to the IFL."

Probably the only chance he has to put back together what remains of his 'career.'

Don Frye would feed Gabe 2 full ice cream cakes the day before weigh ins and STILL force him to make weight.


Don Frye doesn't do pushups. He's pushes up, and the Earth goes down.


Frye is a direct guy. If Gabe didn't try to make weight Frye would probably just start cutting pieces off of him until he was 155.

LOL... someone needs to make a special effects gif of this.

Jenny Craig couldn't help Ruediger make weight.

Just the mustache alone would would give Gabe powers that he would never dream of.