Could Gustafsson be a threat at LHW?

In each of his last four fights, Gustafsson has impressed me more and more. He's got a very solid striking base, has good height for the division, seems to be improving on the ground and has pretty good takedown defense. At 24, he's still got plenty of room for growth, but already has faced and defeated some solid competition.

I'm not calling him a force NOW, but I do see enough promise in him to where he could be a name to watch in 2012 and possibly in title contention by the end of the year.

What say you?


Yeah, how are you asking if he is a legit threat? No postulation needed, he's proven it. The Janitor isn't easy to tear through like he did. Same with Hammill.

hes been for awhile Phone Post

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - yes



Id like to see him in there with someone like thiago silva next cause hes scheduled to return in the new year

I'm calling right now. He will be champion within 2 years. Phone Post

Gustaffson will be a champ one day. Give him time. Phone Post

random_perv -  Hes good but Jones would ko him real easy. Phone Post

Jones is a beast and is getting better and better every fight and I would pick him to win but this comment is LOL. Gustafsson is the guy that knocked down the best technical striker in the LHW Division (Cyrille Diabate). I don't think anyone is going to KO him easy.

Once he starts taking on top 10-5 guys then we'll know for sure but he's pretty impressive. Phone Post

DanHendersonsAsymetricSmile - He already is

. Phone Post

No. NO. No. No and Hell No.

Alexander Gustafsson Reach 76 1/2 in

Jon Jones Reach 84.5 in

Jons Forsberg - 
Lahzerous - No. NO. No. No and Hell No.

Alexander Gustafsson Reach 76 1/2 in

Jon Jones Reach 84.5 in

you're an idiot.

How so?

I wonder how Jones handles a lanky guy with good striking and decent reach Phone Post

 Length seems to be taking over the sport according to one school of thought.

Gustafsson vs. Lil Nog is a logical next fight for both