Could Miguel beat Aldo?

I know Aldo is a 45er,but I think Miguel takes it!

not if kicks and knees and clinch work were allowed...


miguel is taller i think, so the range is gonna help him, and yeah miguel would beat him


i heard Aldo is moving down, so it might happen at some point. Miguel is like Fedor...i'll believe he can be beat only after he's actually beat...

torres all the way

 It would be an awesome fight, that's for sure.

I'm wondering if Aldo can make 135, he is pretty shredded at 145.  I think part of the reason its rumored is that his teammate, Wagnney Fabiano, is a little ahead of him in the food chain in the WEC 145 class.

 Without question. Torres would pick apart Aldo.

 I think Miguel would definitely be favored, but "without question" is an exaggeration....Aldo has been fighting like a house on fire....and the scariest part is....he's as good or better on the ground as he is on his feet.

I don't see Miguel losing to anyone right now. I think he is one of the best fighters in MMA. Plus he is a really nice guy (although an absolute warrior in the ring). I hung out with him at the December UFC and got to talk a lot about fighting and MMA with him. We sat together at the event and it was amazing what he shared watching the fights. He is an encylopedia of knowledge and a real fighter at heart.

I like the fact the WEC keeps bringing in these tough well rounded fighters, Aldo was impressive, too bad we didn't get Aldo vs Faber instead of that non-sensical Pulver/Faber rematch.

To answer your question fighting at 135 Miquel is king of the world until someone beats him.


that would be a great fight

As Miguel is the champ shouldn't we be asking if Also could beat him?

I would like to see the fight either way.

This is the fight that Andre from N.U. wanted when Carlson was bragging about no one beating Miguel, we'll see who the winner would have been one day I hope. This fight should have happened 5 years ago. I'm a big Miguel fan as well.