Could UFC be setting up Baroni?

So Baroni hasn't been winning and looked awful in the last fight against Tanner. Also, he has been spending all this time training for Lawler whom he knows will throw with him. Then MMAWEEKLY reports that Lawler's elbow has be hurt since his fight with Tanner and yet they wait 3 weeks before the fight to pull him out. Lawler's replacement doesn't sound like an easy fight for Baroni either. Basically, could the UFC be just setting the stage to have Baroni finished from the octagon?

i think this is Danas pay back for the tanner fight. Drago is definitely a guy who can throw with him. He will be prepared for him and he is just as bad. He definitely has the arsenal to stop phil

The Lawler injury sounded really odd to me as well. He hasn't been able to lift that arm above his shoulder since the Tanner fight? Yet they went ahead and signed this one and promoted it up until now?

Sounded a bit odd to me also. Did they think he would make some miraculous recovery and just condense all his training into three weeks or something?

I can't imagine Dana sitting Baroni up though, cause I think they are real tight together. Dana backed him all through his case with that CT ref punching deal.

Drago could be a dangerous fighter but has yet stepped into the octogon. Again if Baroni losses it will kill his career while Sells will become a big name with a win.

No win situation for Baroni.

yep, Bullshit deal for Baroni.

Man, experience counts for a hell of a lot you know.

I'd be pretty bloody surprised if this guys beats Phil.

Redneck is correct, cept about firing Landless over Phil punching him in the face, that's pure tabloid man, funny.


Dana loves Phil, and vice versa.