Countdown 2 ShamrvsBaroni on 2nite

“Countdown to Shamrock vs. Baroni” on SHO tonight at 8:30pm. /o:p

Pretty sure this is the schedule moving forward:

Tue. 6/12 @ 8:30pm/o:p

Thu. 6/14 @ 12:00am/o:p

Sun. 6/17 @ 12:00am/o:p

Wed. 6/20 @ 10:45pm/o:p

Thu. 6/21 @ 12:00am/o:p


Whens the fight actually air?

They're going head to head with UFN and UFC Countdown - bold move on Showtime's part.

^^^ yeah.  I wouldn't have debuted it then.

"Whens the fight actually air? "

June 22nd on PPV

June 23rd on Bittorrent.

i am guessing you have to have Showtime to see it?

if the fight is on Showtime PPV.. do you have to own Showtime or can you have HBO and still order the PPV?