Country most in need of BJJ

I was wondering what countries do you guys think are most in need of good bjj instructors.


actually we have instructors but no BJJ tournaments

Really? Anyone good in Toronto?

We have alot of good instrucotrs but Canada is totally disorganized when it comes to tournaments.

We are in deperate need of some BJJ governing body to come in and organize things.

We have alot of black belts now though and some very tough competitors like: Rob Di Censo, Mark Bocek, Jeff Joslin, Fabio Holanda, Richard Nancoo, Justin Bruckman, Wagney Fabiano, Joey Scarmadaglia, Ze Mario Esfiha...

Ever think of contacting the GB association and have them start some tournaments?

"We are in deperate need of some BJJ governing body to come in and organize things."

Australia has some dramas like that. We need a single body that isn't one individual's money grabbing exercise or a triumvirate of 'evil' run by a few select people.

Some progress is being made, but politics is holding the whole thing up.

Here's who runs some of the most respected tournaments in the US.

Why not contact them?

What about European countries??? Or the Domincan Republic?

North Korea


East Tennessee . . .


people have contacted the people at GB. But it takes time and is taking too long.

So all we have is a bunch of tournament promoters who put on "grappling" tournaments

Serbia is in desprate need from what I heard when I spoke to some of my cousins there, who are fans, they say all the training is in Croatia, but being Serbian could make it hard for some in Serbia to move to Croatia.


tribal:contact GB

all the help you will ever need/my boys!!! Tell them Tim Lee told you!

Brazil obviously. I don't think there is one single Bulgarian Jiu-Jitsu instructor in the whole country.

Holland is seriously lacking widespread jiu jitsu schools. I'm from east-hollland originally, currently in Canada..and the main reason im dreading moving back to my old hood at any point is the serious lack of jiu jitsu. There's like 2 decent schools in the entire country, and they're all in the west.

Thailand. I don't think there are any schools other than in Bangkok and Phuket.

holland.. 2 black belts in the whole country.. marcos flexa and agusto ferrari both awesome black belts ..... i lucky to train under marcos flexa