Couple of nice throws in here

cool vid, but is that a wizard reffing?

Thats the dude from Big trouble in little china...he was a guest referee.

Wouldnt the dirt get in your mouth and eyes and stuff?

that was pretty awesome

Looked like Old school Pankration ... expect every bodies mongolian... and not naked.

mongolian wrestling, shame that they are so poor. I'd like to see them in mma more.

It was dope.

very cool

cool vid... would love info on who/what that was.

Really cool.

"LOL! You guys are easily impressed."

We appreciate fine technique.

Good vid, it's Chinese Shuai Chiao, so very similar to Mongolian Wrestling.

mongolian wrestling looks very different



you damn mrongoians tear down my citty wall!

South Park Chinese Guy | Funny Jokes at JibJab


Cool vids! Thanks guys!


That was the second coolest homo cowboy wrestling video I've ever seen.