courage fighting #2 (decatur, Il.)

March 26th, 2005. Decatur civic Center which hold 2500 people. We will probably pack the place like last time. so, if your wanting to fight in front of a large crowd, and be taken care of as athletes, come fight for me. You won't be dissapointed i promised. I put 110% in my shows! I'm fighting on this one, so monte is matchmaking, and we are partners from here on out with CFC. Great after fight party too. email me or monte. (Jason) email..., or fiteiowa@aol (monte's)

By the way, i'm a fighter first and promoter second I know what you guys go through. We are just starting out, so the pay isn't going to be huge, but come grow with us, and, be taken care of. We are also bringing in the CAGE. jason


if you call, ill be there....ill even fight for free for Jason...but
need only a plain ticket...

Tonny "maumoco" Canales


Jason- Look at getting the Fearless Goat for the next event. Not March since I am fighting March 19th.


what all openings do u have?

Anyone interested should deffinetly go check this out. Jason Reinhardt is a stand up guy who can be trusted to do the right thing.

Jason, we are def interested.....i will drop you a line

Look for Myself and TEAM VOODOO to be making an apperance.

jason don't forget about me!


thanks guys for the support!!! tony, i would never let you fight for free bro1 Monte Cox is doing the matchmaking, in order to allow me time to train and focus on my fight on this card. (first time fighting in my hometown) email monte
My job is putting asses in the seats!!! jason

After party at the Green Door?