Courage Figthing Reslults??

I didn't know if anyone at the show had the complete results....The results I remember were..

Laverne Clark def Ziek Shilling by RNC :26 Rd1

Cory Moon def Juan Vasquez by TKO rd1(not sure on the time)...great fight...fight of the night..imho

Jon Tarrh def Sam Kitterman by TKO :16 Rd1

Justin Curtis def Steve Perry by RNC :56 Rd1

Rashid Abdullah def Dwayne Brown rd1

Alex May def Corey King by TKO 2:16 rd2

Daniel Hopper def Tim Mason by neck crank rd1

Ryan Thomas def Walt Denim by KO rd1

Ryan Polholke def Justin Geyer by TKO rd1

Danny Kibbee def Mike Rhodes TKO rd1

Lonnie Harrington def Brian Sanders by TKO rd1


Now that's a lot of quick fights. Easy night for the judges.



I know that I'm missing a few fights..some help please.